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Tony Woicekowski

Sacramento, CA


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Interested in bringing the benefits of web based monitor and control to your business or your industry? 




We started out monitoring energy use in commercial and industrial facilities, and quickly realized there was:

•    A huge potential for energy savings in identifying “out of design spec” operations, time of use and other energy related opportunities… and

•    An emerging new frontier with applications needs well beyond energy and across the business spectrum from  optimization, health and safety compliance, environmental compliance, risk management, employee accountability and related important business metrics.

Our clients are smart.  They are innovative, demanding and profitable.

We assist our clients in exploiting the power of web based monitoring and control, so they can excel in their field.  It all begins with a no cost, confidential phone consultation.  

Our track record  includes energy management manufacturing, agriculture, mining, food service, hospitality, construction, logistics, forensics, retail, and many others. As specialists in sensors, physical data and communication, we serve as an invisible back office, supporting your current IT team. 

Many companies err in spending 6 and 7 figures…  along with critical lost time in constructing web tools vulnerable to current and future threats, lack versatility, and statistically likely to exhibit costly "bugs".  Avoiding these problems, while preserving development resources is the key to why this approach is so compelling.

Whether your interest is in building an application for profitable distribution within your industry, or you are an end user looking to “sharpen your saw”, contact me directly. Allow me the chance to serve as a “no strings attached “sounding board. I am happy to share our perspective, likely to ask a few questions, and offer a bit of free advice based on our vast experience within the arena.

Woicekowski & Associates

Frustrated by the lack of versatility, technical barriers and high cost?